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Tanzania Honeymoon Packages, 7 Days

One of the most memorable honeymoon experiences is a Tanzania safari. Tanzania offers opportunities for amazing wildlife, scenery, and love. Because the tour is all-inclusive, you can plan your honeymoon spending wisely and feel secure knowing that everything is taken care of. In order to make your honeymoon truly special, we at Lion King Adventures will work with you to plan an experience that is just right for you. We recognize that the “perfect honeymoon” is different for every couple.


A Gemuka Adventure representative will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your lodging in Arusha. You might be able to spend a little time exploring Arusha depending on your arrival time. The expansive, lush grounds of the Gran Melia Hotel make it a great place to unwind and get ready for your safari excursion.

Your personal safari guide will pick you up from your hotel following breakfast. You pass through gently rolling Maasai plains with sporadic acacia trees on your way to Tarangire. Many messes in their vibrant clothing can be seen walking alongside the road, riding bicycles, and herding animals.

The Tarangire River, which flows through the park, is the source of its name. During the dry season, this “river of warthogs” is the only source of water for the local wildlife. The park is well known for its herds of elephants, which frequently gather by the river. Giraffe, bushbuck, and hartebeest may also be seen. Numerous predators, such as lions and leopards, are closely monitoring these animals. More breeding bird species exist.

You will continue with your incredible safari to Lake Manyara National Park after breakfast. Manyara is a pristine paradise best known for its profusion of birds and lions that can scale trees. The Rift Valley’s dramatic western escarpment defines the park’s western boundary. The alkaline, shallow Lake Manyara is located to the east. A sizable portion of the park is covered by a lake, which fluctuates in size according to the seasons and serves as a haven for thousands of flamingos when it rains. The Maasai word “emanyara,” a well-known plant that is used to construct the protective enclosure around a family homestead, is where the name Manyara originates (boma). The park has a wide variety of vegetation, from savannah to evergreen forest. You could see giraffes, zebras, and other animals while exploring the park.

Following breakfast, you will continue in the direction of the lush Ngorongoro Highlands, where the Iraqw people cultivate wheat and corn. You will travel through the mist-shrouded rain forests of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area along the way. If you’re lucky, you might spot baboons, leopards, or elephants hiding out in the thick underbrush.

You will see the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater as you pass through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area before continuing on to the Serengeti National Park, which you will arrive at around noon. The Serengeti National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and features a variety of habitats and landscapes, including grassy plains, lakes, swamps, and savannah.

You will travel to your lodging for an evening meal and an overnight stay after a lengthy game drive.

Game drives in the Serengeti are scheduled for today. The Serengeti is genuinely amazing. It is renowned for its extensive open grasslands, which make for excellent wildlife sightings. The Serengeti is both one of the planet’s oldest ecosystems and Tanzania’s oldest national park. For millions of years, its climate and vegetation have largely remained unaltered.

Although the Serengeti is home to a variety of wildlife, its yearly great migration is perhaps its most famous feature. Massive herds of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope move in a predictable pattern every year in search of new grazing. Every year’s rainfall patterns determine exactly where the migration will occur and when.
Your return to Lahia Tented will come after your game drive.

After breakfast, you will drive from Serengeti to the Ngorongoro Crater.
When you first see Ngorongoro Crater, it looks like a forgotten world. Concealed by the steep volcanic walls is a pristine wilderness, including sweeping savannah, pockets of acacia woodland and glistening lakes and swamps. The crater was created when a large volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself two to three million years ago.
The drive down into the crater is an adventure in itself and when you reach the crater floor, you quickly find yourself amongst large numbers of wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, and more than 500 bird species. The crater provides you with the best chance of seeing the endangered black rhino, which can sometimes be spotted in the open grasslands.
After a full afternoon inside the crater, you will head to your accommodation for dinner and an overnight stay in Karatu.

After breakfast, you will travel to the airport, which marks the end of your epic honeymoon adventure.

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