Gemuka Adventures – COVID 19 Policy and Procedures

COVID 19 Has brought new concerns about traveling internationally and Gemuka Adventures has compiled the most current information about the virus to ensure an extra level of comfort for our guests. We are committed to providing safe and fulfilling safaris for our clients and our staff. The procedures take into account the specific environments of being on safari, the resources available in Tanzania and our current knowledge of the virus and its transmission. Our procedures list the issues that have the greatest impact on reducing transmission. Protection from the coronavirus is equally incumbent on our staff and our guests to ensure the health of each other. Each safari will have one electronic thermometer to measure temperatures daily while on safari.


Local training and education 

All our staff are receiving education about how the virus is transmitted and the adjustments

required for personal interactions. Hygiene techniques including details about social distancing. Our staff are all informed and trained to avoid physical contact (handshaking; hugging or close contact). Staff who might not feel well will not be coming in to work till we confirm he /she is okay.

Hand sanitizing and disinfectants 

Hand sanitizer will be provided in each vehicle on a daily basis. Your safari guide will disinfect door handles and windows on a daily basis as part of our daily maintenance using Dettol which is basically the same product as Lysol. Each vehicle will also go out with five extra liters of water and liquid soap for additional hand washing before or after eating.  Remember that good hand hygiene is your greatest protection- reducing transmission by almost 60%. Further the heat and humidity in Tanzania decreases the virus’ viability outside of the human body; i.e. in the air and on surfaces.

Protective masks 

We are asking all of our guests to travel with masks. Gemuka Adventures will also distribute two handmade masks per guest to supplement your supply. Your safari guide will have his own masks.

Since all of our safaris are private and vehicles have open roofs there is more natural social distancing that happens during game drives but we are committed to protect our guests and staff.  Remember that a mask protects the people around you more than it protects you and we have a policy of respect for everyone’s health.

Social distancing

The most important aspect of social distancing will be to minimize your contact with large numbers of people. Therefore until there is an effective vaccine, Gemuka Adventures encourage the use of smaller accommodations for the time being. This usually means one of the smaller tented properties. Our sales team can make the recommendations for tented properties that we are confident are following our guidelines. All of the major lodges are also developing COVID 19 policies so we can continue to book any property but if you would feel more confident interacting with fewer people we believe you will enjoy the smaller more intimate accommodations.

Welcome to Gemuka Adventures

Gemuka Adventures Ltd is safari company that is dedicated to welcoming clients through the most exciting destinations, including Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar. The company can meet clients, request from Tanzania to all of East Africa National Parks & Game Reserves.

Whenever clients opt Tanzania for a Family holiday, Honeymoon Vacation, Beach holiday, Business or else, Gemuka Adventures will always there to plan a custom safari that will satisfy clients the way they always dreamed of. You are most welcome to East Africa…! Tanzania is your gateway here!

Our teams of safari specialists are highly reachable and dependable and have genuine passion for the wilderness, travel and the creation of the perfect safari. Our success was and continues to be borne out of searching out destinations and journeys which are out-of-the-ordinary. They are journeys to places people thought they could never go.

Above all personal care is taken to provide our guests with quality service. We know all times people seek out operators who excel in providing a ‘luxurious bush experience’, exceptional hospitality, professional in the fields of guiding and conservation,

We guarantee all clients peaceful Safety accommodation during safari, On Trekking and in town.

Why choose Tanzania

A Tanzania Safari is something special, whatever your age, budget, safari experience or interests. This is a region of incredible natural beauty, with some of the best and most varied game-viewing locations in the world.  Nearly 20% of this vast and spectacular country is protected for wildlife viewing, and it is easy and worthwhile to explore different landscapes within one holiday itinerary.

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