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Kilimanjaro holidays is devoted to the promotion of Camping Safaris on three levels; Budget Camping which is more attractive to the adventure traveler and Standard Camping which works best for a visitor who is looking for a safari experience with some degree of comfort and Luxury Camping which is the best camping experience one can ever have. By and large, both types of safaris rate with the contemporary settings of the jungle experience. They are fitting for one who makes that simple approach to nature, as he or she stands to receive pleasant gestures at the very end.

A Typical Day while on a Camping Safari

A Camping safari brings you right next to the heartbeat of the wilderness reality…

The Camping set-up begins with an opaque mist hiding from an advancing dawn. The first shafts of beautiful sun colour make their way through the majestic acacia landing on the roof of the tents. You begin your day by taking a short walk within the vicinity of the Campsite like a lion surveying its kingdom. On returning to your tent, you are welcomed by the presence of canvas basins filled with hot water for washing your face. Breakfast is served in the open, enjoying the beaming rays of the fresh morning sun. Out you go for a morning game drive where your eyes are treated to a feast of rich tapestry of habitats teeming with wildlife and birds.

By midday you are back to your campsite for another hearty meal below the verdant growth of the tall shady trees. A siesta is as welcoming as a gaze over the seemingly endless plains sprawling for miles on end.

The afternoon game drive is followed by a return to the Campsite. Bites with some Tanzanian coffee so rich in taste are provided, then you gear up to welcome the sunset; with the sun going through an array of colours, forming a captivating kaleidoscope as it vividly disappears behind the horizon.

Its time for a hot shower! Not a luxurious amount of water is provided, but that which is enough to give you a fresh feeling after a dusty game drive.
Welcome yeeee the magic of the evening….

Imagine being right in the heart of the jungle, taking dinner under the blanket of star-studded skies, witness a shooting star moving fast like a stone dropping in a vacuum on one side, and the ire laughter of a fully-fed hyena on the other.

You will be surprised when your Safari Cook prepares a Birthday Cake for one of the clients who is marking this special occasion right in the middle of nowhere. Birthday songs become so tasty with the camping crew putting colour through their hot rhythm and green twigs.
It is an incredibly joyous moment and when the other clients join in, the concerned can’t hold back tears of joy.

Some comments about the Campfire.

Marvel at the beauty that is the universe under the darkness of the jungle evening as you sit around the flickering campfire deliberating on the experiences of the day and going through the plan for the following day. The flickering of the Campfire so varied in form, it’s like the call of the beckon that you can’t resist. What with the yellow flames jetting out some reddish sparks that go bellowing into the open air? It is a sight so appealing in colour yet welcoming another session of the night. And so you bid goodbye to your guide and everybody in the group wishes each other a good night.

Some words about Sleeping in a Camp.

Enjoy your sleep under the tents, listening to the whispering wind as it blows past, tenderly brushing the tents thus luring you into a soothing sleeping session. Midnight coolness punctuated with occasional roaring of the black-manned lion’s ushers in the wee hours of the night. It’s all but a peaceful night, well suited for holidaymakers looking for total relaxation.

Budget camping safaris

Being a relatively tasty product in the Tanzania Kenya and Uganda tourism circuit, Budget Camping is the ideal way to rough it up with a guarantee of enjoying what goes with the other luxurious options.
This type of Safari always goes with a Four-wheel drive that pulls a trailer (depending on the number of participants) which contains all the Camping gear.

It is a comfortable vehicle, well adapted to the Tanzanian roads leading to various parks. It has the power to pull with ease the attached Trailer, thus arriving at every destination within the required time.

Upon arrival at a Public Campsite, our experienced staffs normally spend some moments pitching the tents.

This paves way for the cook to start preparing the next meal. With the presence of the public Washroom facilities, the clients get the opportunity to take a shower, change their dressing, thus freshen up and get ready for the evening.

Come supper, and it is served in the open; you enjoy the evening breeze as you marvel at the beauty of the open star-lit skies.

We provide small tents for accommodation whereby some mattresses are spread on the sewn-in ground sheet.

The tents are spacious enough for two people. They have a mesh on each window that keeps off any insects.

With the application of some insecticide an hour before you go in for your sleep, you are assured that not even a single bug will be a bother during your soft night sleep.

In short, Budget Camping goes with all sorts of terminology. However, Adventure is the name associated with this style of doing Safaris. Coming close to nature is the sense so achieved. It is fascinating. It is awe-inspiring. It is moving.

Welcome to Tanzania; join a Budget Camping Safari; you will be surprised by the highly competent rates.


– Safari vehicle with hatched roof is used for the safari. The cook does join the guests in the same vehicle.
– In some cases, a trailer is provided to carry all camping equipment and foodstuffs.

– Small two-person tents are used with a sewn-in ground sheet
– A two-inch mattress spread on the ground sheet
– Clients always bring their own sleeping bags, Meals.
– Three meals a day prepared by a safari special cook,
– These meals are served in a small Mess Tent equipped with a dinning table and folding stools. (Our exclusivity).

Pricing of Budget Camping Safaris.

For some reason of making the prices affordable to the budget traveler, our budget camping safari prices exclude the following items:
– Any type of drinks including mineral water
– Sleeping bags
– Laundry and tipping
– Air transportation and baggage Insurance

Special Note on Campsites used in Budget Camping Safaris.

As other Tour Operators offering Budget Camping Safaris, Leopard Tours is using the existing Public Campsites managed by Tanzania National Parks Authority.

These Campsites have basic sanitary facilities including a washroom and a toilet with a reasonable hygienic standard.

Standad camping safaris

With Standard Camping the guests are always in their own Safari vehicle that is steered by the driver guide. The Supply vehicle goes ahead of the guests/ or some times may carry equipments on the same car but this will depends on how large the group is(max 4 pax, min2pax). They take with them all the Camping equipment and foodstuffs. With this arrangement, we are sure to set up camp before the client’s arrival. Standard Camping always carries a unique characteristic; staying at Private Campsites whereby only a group of a particular Safari occupies that Campsite. You are accorded a chance to feast on the surrounding views at high-level privacy. Positions for various tents are carefully chosen so that each one of them is clearly in harmony with the other.

A surprise for all the campers is the Hot Shower that is provided soon after the afternoon game drive. So appealing is the feeling of the soothing water as it drizzles from the hand-controlled shower bucket above your head. A neighbouring toilet provides for all the campers’ needs. Products to refresh the air and guest soaps are available. The Mess tent, equipped with all required cutleries is spacious and very well ventilated. In the evenings, it becomes a beehive of activity as delicacies ranging from bites to hot drinks, starters to soup, main course to desert are served.

The walk-in Accommodation Tents have two safari beds with blankets, bed sheets and pillows. There is also a small table on which to put some valuables as well as a towel for each guest. On the veranda there is a washbasin positioned on one side and two armchairs on the other. It accords a very nice opportunity of watching birds flying past and of the sunset in the evenings.

All these experiences as persistent as the drives are memorable. You only have to book a Standard camping safari and you will realise that the explanations above are only a tip of the iceberg.

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